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Roland Strebel

Managing Director

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+41 71 447 17 70

Roland Strebel is founder and board member of Indulaser AG. He is responsible for the company's successful business activities over many years. He is increasingly focusing on strategic goals and is also responsible for human resources and finance.

Danilo Koschorreck

Operations manager

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+41 71 447 17 72

As COO and operations manager, Danilo Koschorreck is the decisive hub in the company. As a trained heat treater and metallurgist with many years of experience, he ensures that the expectations of our customers are fully met and, as COO, is decisively responsible for day-to-day business.

Vladimir Cihal

Head of Technical Customer Service & Quality Management

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+41 71 447 17 74

Vladimir Cihal is an extremely experienced heat treatment expert with special know-how in the field of material science and first contact person for microstructure analyses. As head of QA, he places high demands on processes and employees, monitors compliance with specifications and is also responsible for certifications (ISO, IATF).Turn on Javascript!

Gesine Hacker

Laboratory management & production planning

Gesine Hacker is head of the laboratory and responsible for the area of destructive and non-destructive testing. She is also responsible for production planning and thus a central interface between quality & production.

Francesca Bieri

Logistics & Shipping

Francesca Bieri is responsible for all logistics matters. When it comes to issues such as delivery of goods, dispatch of goods and customs clearance, Mrs. Bieri is your first point of contact.

Ingrid Cihal


Ingrid Cihal is responsible for accounting and is the helping hand of employees and management.