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Additional services

Crack testing (MT)

Indulaser offers fluorescent magnetic particle crack detection for the detection of near-surface displays.

Visual inspection, final inspection

We can offer you a 100% visual inspection of your workpieces by trained employees.

Damage analysis

In our extensive test laboratory and through interfaces with external partners, we offer the possibility of carrying out a damage analysis.

Straightening process

Straightening of heat-treated workpieces

Packing, final control

We take over the packaging activity for you and carry out the final quality control.

Backup for customer processes

As an experienced backup hardening shop, Indulaser is the ideal partner for system-relevant workpieces. Due to the modern machinery and multi-shift operation, all customer needs can be covered from small to large series.

Parts cleaning

The cleanliness of workpieces is becoming increasingly important in the value-added chain. We clean your workpieces and check in our laboratory for compliance with your requirements.


The sandblasting process cleans and roughens the surface.