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Small-Scale Production

Individual parts 

The hardening of individual parts requires an all-inclusive knowledge of hardener, because each unique item must be perfectly hardened on the first try. In contrast to serial parts, there are not many tries allotted to arbitrarily attempt until the desired result is achieved. Also, extensive quality checks are not possible.

Indulaser has trained and experienced employees who know how to prepare for and conduct the hardening process based on standardized procedures.

Many of our customers in industry and manufacturing require individual hardened parts, or even quantities of up to a few hundred parts. Indulaser has versatile customizable machinery, which allows a wide range of possible uses to be covered.


With the development of new parts (prototype development), the parts become lighter, slimmer, and simply more efficient to make. This results in new challenges in hardness, toughness, and brittleness. The relationship between these determines the later success of the part.

A large amount of technical, mechanical, and metallurgical knowledge is essential in developing new possibilities and successfully implementing them. Together with the expertise of our clients, we work to improve existing parts, or develop new ones.