Metallurgical Consulting

We will gladly help you select the best steel for your needs, or help you judge how suitable a material is for your desired application.

Technical Consulting

We’ll also gladly assist you with hardness ranges, any material requirements you have, or basic considerations regarding hardening depths in prototype development.

This advising goes far beyond the scope of inductive hardening – for example, we can also support you in choosing a suitable hardening method.


With the development of new parts, the parts become lighter, slimmer, or simply more efficient to make. This results in new challenges in hardness, toughness, and brittleness. The relationship between these determines the later success of the part.

A large amount of technical, mechanical, and metallurgical knowledge is essential to formulate new part possibilities and then successfully implement them. Together with the expertise of our clients, we work to improve existing parts, or develop new ones.

Versatility and Backup

Due to modern machinery and multi-shift operation, all customer requirements – from the large to the small – will be

covered, and thanks to individual customer service, Indulaser also the ideal backup hardening shop for parts.